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Boquete, Panama is a small town located only 30 minutes from David, the capital of Chiriqui Province. It is known to be one of the best retirement places in the world. Contributing factors include:


- Boquete's affordability

- There is lots of virgin land where you can grow your own produce. There is also a farmers  market where you can get locally grown fruits and vegetables

- People who moved to Boquete saw an increase in their social lives

- Boquete offers a relaxing lifestyle


The town enjoys a comfortable year round climate which is ideal for active retirement living or outdoor adventure seekers looking to take advantage of the ample activities available such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, bird watching etc. 


I found the town to be very pleasant with many restaurants, shops,and adventure outlets and it appeared clean. There are also lots of groups for expats, which is great for people who have just moved to the area to feel acquainted to Boquette and to share their interests with other like-minded people. 


The houses are built at various altitudes which enables buyers to chose houses at different temperatures / micro climates. 


Even though Boquete is known to be a retirement haven, the demographics are changing with more and more young families moving there. 


See my photos here-under of my trip to Boquete. 


One of my first stops was to one of the only castle homes in Panama 


The castle home even had a moat with massive gold fish. The fish would know

you were approaching the moat to be fed through the vibration of your footsteps!


The typical setting in Boquete. World famous for its coffee and natural flora.


One of the many rock climbing walls in Boquete area. 


You can find many waterfalls around Boquete. This one was located in the Palo

Alto region of Boquete.


 All roads around Boquete are paved, Very scenic!


A Panamanian school kid running by the car - fun for the day!


I went to visit the Valle Escondido Gated Community. This community was

featured on HGTV "House Hunters International." It was very well maintained

and surrounded by lush vegetation. 


The entrance to the lobby at Valle Escondido


Me at the indoor pool at Valle Escondido, Boquete


One of the outdoor swimming areas in Valle Escondido


Me with one of my counterparts in Boquete at Valle Escondido Gated Community


This was one of the many majestic homes in Valle Escondido 





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